Admissions » 2020-21 Admission & Enrollment Policy

2020-21 Admission & Enrollment Policy


ADMISSIONS POLICY for 2020-2021 School Year

Imhotep Institute Charter High School (IICHS) implements its admissions policy using a random lottery and waiting list system.  Applications to IICHS are only valid for the school year of the application.  Applicants not awarded admission are placed on the waiting list for the duration of the school year. The waiting list does not roll over to the next school year.  Students must re-apply for the next school year.  

2019-2020 Admissions Timeline

October 7, 2019 Open Enrollment Period Begins 

February 20, 2020 Open Enrollment Period Ends/ Deadline for 2020-21 Admissions Lottery

February 27, 2020 @6:30pm 2020-21 Admissions Lottery (open to public; attendance not required)

How to Apply:  

  1)  Applications may be completed on-line or downloaded from     (in English and Spanish)

  2)  Paper Applications are available at the school Monday-Friday 8:15am to 4:15pm

  3)  Families with limited English competency may call 215.438.4140 x 112 to schedule an appointment for 

        support with, or translation of, application and enrollment documents

  4)  Families may submit a Philadelphia Charter School Common Application, available at the   

        School District of Philadelphia Website.

  5) Please note that during the period from the date of the Admissions Lottery (Feb 27, 2020) 

       through the beginning of the next year’s Open Application Period (Oct 5, 2020) IICHS only 

       accepts on-line applications. No Paper Applications are accepted during this period.

Admissions Lottery and Waiting Lists

The IICHS Admissions Lottery is open to the public.  The process uses a randomization software application to select names from all applicants whose applications are received prior to the published deadline. The number of slots available via the Admissions Lottery varies from grade to grade and year-to-year based on the number of students returning.  Students selected in the Admissions Lottery are notified via mail and have 30 days to claim their awarded slot by submitting the required documents (listed below).  Slots not claimed by the prescribed deadline will be forfeited to students on the waiting list. Students not selected for admission in the Admissions Lottery are placed on the Waiting List through the end of the school year of application ONLY.  Students must submit an application for each new school year.  As slots become available, students are selected from the Waiting List based on the number assigned during the lottery, or order of application thereafter. 

Enrollment Preference

Preference in the enrollment and waiting list process is given ONLY to siblings of currently enrolled students residing in the same household.


The documents listed below (1-3) are required to secure a slot awarded in the Lottery or offered from the Waiting List.   


  • Proof of Age          
  • 2 Proof of Residency Items (A and B or C   OR   B and C  OR  B and B ; all with same address)
      1. State Issued ID (Parent/ Guardian)
      2. Utility or Other Bill (w/ Parent/Guardian Name and Address) 
      3. Lease/ Property Tax Document (w/Parent/ Guardian Name and Address)
  • Immunization Records (Up-to Date)


Upon securing a slot by submitting the required documents listed above, admitted families are asked to complete the following forms and submit the following documents:

Completed and Signed Enrollment Form
Parental Registration Statement*
Home Language Survey*
Emergency Contact Form
Residency Questionnaire 
Medical Consent Form
Report Cards and/or Transcripts 
Standardized Test Scores
Special Education Records (if applicable)
E-Rate Household Survey
Student Photo Release
Parent Partnership Agreement
Record of Physical Examination (dated after August 26, 2019)

*Required by Law