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Bullying Policy

Reporting Incidents of Bullying

When a member of the school community (students, employees, parents, etc.) is made aware of, witnesses, or suspects that a student has been/is subject to conduct by any student, employee or third party that constitutes a violation of Imhotep Institute Charter High School’s anti-harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy(ies), they expected to immediately report the incident in any of the following ways:

1) Complete the anti-bullying form à Bullying Harassment Form

2) Report the incident to the building Director of Operations/Dean of Students or Chief Executive Officer, or to any other member of the school staff, including teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and administrators.

Contact Info:

Baba  Charles "Steve" Thomas, DOO/Dean of Students:  [email protected]

Baba Andre Noble, CEO:  [email protected]

Mama Jury Segers, Principal:  [email protected]

For more information contact the school at 215-438-4140 or the Family Hotline 267-300-6267.

3) Submit a report via Safe2Say

4) Email the Student Title IX Coordinator directly at [email protected]