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Our Philosophy

High student academic achievement is the primary goal of Imhotep Institute.  Our underlying philosophy is that a rigorous, integrative, constructivist curriculum, combined with the historical and cultural richness of our African heritage, will result in well-rounded and productive citizens.  We believe that an African Centered educational program will provide the environment needed for many of our urban learners.  Imhotep Institute is a culturally-responsive school with connections to many community organizations and resources.  Classes are held at the main campus as well as community partner sites. 

Imhotep's community and student-centered learning environment is grounded in the African principles of Ma'at and Nguzo Saba and proposes to: 

  • Provide an environment in which students assume responsibility and accept consequences for their actions

  • Promote a safe, calm and disciplined environment in which students can discover and develop their talents

  • Recognize that education is a process that allows the student to integrate knowledge with life experience

  • Instill an appreciation that the search for knowledge is a life-long journey

  • Empower students to recognize their needs and utilize resources effectively to solve problems

  • Foster a spirit of unity

  • Provide opportunities through various activities for our students to become responsibly reliant, resourceful members of the world community

  • Create and foster the spirit of truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity, and propriety (Ma'at)

  • Create and foster the spirit of unity, self-determination, collective work, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith (Nguzo Saba)

Mission Statement: To provide a standards driven, high quality educational program for urban learners grounded in the African Principles MA'AT and seven principles of the Nguzo Saba.  Imhotep aims to nurture lifelong learners who are valuable members of the world community.