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Saturday, December 8, 2018
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To provide a standards driven, high quality educational program for urban learners grounded in the African Principles MA'AT and seven principles of the Nguzo Saba.  Imhotep aims to nurture lifelong learners who are valuable members of the world community.

Los padres tienen derecho a la traducción: Las familias con una capacidad limitada de inglés pueden llamar al 215.438.4141 ext. 112 para programar una cita de apoyo o traducción de solicitud, inscripción o documentos de Título I. La política de admisión en español también está disponible en el sitio web.

Student Life

Student Life

To My Beloved Imhotep Family:

In 1866, Richard Wright, a young man only one year out of slavery was asked what message former enslaved Africans from the South wanted General Oliver Otis Howard to give to the people of the North.  Wright with faith, pride and confidence responded, “Tell them we are rising!”   




Nubia VI (9th Grade)

Kemet VIII (10th Grade)

Zulu V (11th Grade)

Songhai V (12th Grade)

PARENTS RIGHT TO TRANSLATION: Families with limited English competency may call 215.438.4140 ext 112 to schedule an appointment for support with, or translation of, application, enrollment or Title I documents. Spanish admission policy is available on the website as well.