Executive Manager's Message

Message from Dr. Mama

Amini:  BELIEVE!

“We are the descendants of great African Fathers and great African Mothers….”

For over twenty years, staff and students have started each day with our affirmation.  Our beloved founder, Christine Thomas Wiggins understood how important it was for us to be proud of our ancestors.  Yet the second line of our affirmation reveals what makes our ancestry so relevant.  Remembering the struggle and strength of our past should empower us to have the “pride, strength, and power of the Motherland to help us do the things we must do”  It is the excellence of the past that provides ground for confidence in the present and success in the future.  We say these words every day, but today, with all the pressures and challenges that we face as a people and as an institution, we must go beyond saying these words…. we must BELIEVE them. 


We must believe we have the strength and power to do what we are tasked to do regardless of our circumstances, obstacles, or opposition.  Staff, we must believe that we can positively impact student performance despite the structural barriers erected in an unjust racist society that refuses to do right by its children.  We must believe that we have the strength and power of our ancestors to through perseverance, creativity, and resilience release the African genius of our children. 


Parents, we must believe in our children.  We must believe that they can do what is required of them and must hold them accountable for performing in a manner that is consistent with our expectations. No matter what they do, we must NEVER give up on our children and no matter how tempting it may be, we must not fall for their excuses.  Not trying should never be an option!  Young people, you must believe that you can and must rise above the predictions made about what you can do and who you will be.  You were created in the image of the Divine and have in your cultural and historical DNA all that it takes to win!  Our data this year shows that the vast majority of our Imhotep students  out-performed the expectations of the statisticians and educational expects that made predictions about their success on the keystone exam.  Let’s make liars out of anyone who says you don’t value  education or think that we can’t win in the classroom like we win on the courts and the fields.     Finally, we all must believe in the vision that started this great institution and believe that if we come together, we can ensure that it not only survives but thrives.

Let’s step into school year 2019 with confidence and faith in one another, in our institution, and in that beautiful kitchen table dream of a school where children believe and achieve.  Family let’s go.  Let’s believe and let’s parlay that belief into righteous action.  Hotep!