Executive Manager's Message

“Reimagine”  - Message from Dr. Mama

Which of us one year ago could have imagined 2020? I must admit I was someone who wanted to get 2019 over with.  It was a really difficult year for me.  I was glad to see it go figuring that 2020 had to be better.   Absolutely, nothing in my life experience would have enabled me to predict what was waiting for me and for us in 2020.  I am not sure when and how it happened, but we now live in a world of masks, air hugs, social distancing, building less schools, video doctors appointments, Instacart, Zoom parties, Zoom worship, Zoom family visits, Zoom town halls, Zoom conventions, and Zoom PD.  What could have possibly prepared us for what we are facing today?......EVERYTHING

Everything we have ever learned.  Everything we have done.  Everything we have tried and failed and tried again.  Every time we turned can’t into a can.  Every victory we have experienced from leaning in instead of running away.  Every computer catastrophe we ever encountered.  Every situation that ever required that we be patient with ourselves and others.  Every instance when we had to start a brand new relationship after a broken heart, or move from a place that was home to somewhere we had not been and didn’t particularly want to go.  Every time we were dead wrong and had to go back and make something right.  Every time we got fired and had to find a new job.  Every time, we made ourselves available to live and face tomorrow instead of the alternative. And yes, some of our sweetest victories and most abundant joys have come when we overcame, when we rebounded, when we bounced back, when we did it ANYHOW!

This cyber place we are now in is not one of our choosing. Yet, it is our place to transform, transfigure, and transcend. And we can do it if we are willing to be open.  We can do it if we are willing to learn from our experiences, while not insisting on continuing them. If we are brave, bold, and believing,  we can grow in ways we have resisted before and accomplish things that have eluded us for far too long.  If we give to this moment our willingness to think out the box…to perhaps get rid of the box all together, we can create an educational opportunity for our children that surpasses any we have known.   Let us take up the challenge of reimagining this thing we call education.   It is only in our reimagination that we will be able to build from this moment, a new, improved, good, better, best….and a more extraordinary realization of …..free!  Family, in 2020-21, let’s reimagine!