“Imhotep Charter High School Bringing 3D Printed Water Filters to Jackson”

Jackson Mississippi Water Crisis: Imhotep Charter is 3D printing Water Filters 

The water crisis  has left residents of Jackson, Mississippi, struggling to bathe, cook, and flush their toilets. The deteriorating water infrastructure in Jackson has often led to school closures, hospital shutdowns, and life-threatening challenges for infants and the elderly. 

More than 80% of Jackson’s census tracts are considered “disadvantaged” in terms of economics and consist of a black demographic. Communities in Jackson have some of the country’s highest rates of asthma and diabetes. Studies have identified drinking water quality and compounds found in drinking water as major environmental risk factors for the development of diabetes in their community.

Our response: 

Imhotep Institute Charter High School's mission, as an African Centered STEM (ACS)  school, is  to engage its scholars in seeking real world solutions to problems as agents of change. We seek to develop and apply STEM processes, products, and critical concepts, in a manner consistent with our values and highest systems of beliefs and ethics. In the Spirit of Ujima, we will collaboratively work with the University of Jackson Medical Center and Shoestring Operations to  build and maintain our Jackson, Mississippi community together and make our brother's and sister's problems our problems and to solve them together.

To apply our ACP lens of  Knowledge to Use Practices, to allow our scholars to participate in social, cultural, and civic action through the vehicle of STEM. 

We will 3D print water filters and deliver them to Jackson, Mississippi partnering with University of Jackson Medical Center and Nonprofit organization Shoe String Operations. Both organizations are currently working on the ground to provide support and relief to the people of Jackson. 

We currently have all of the equipment and materials needed to make this project come into fruition. We will have a production team, testing team, and communications team to ensure the project is a success.