Imhotep students get hands-on experience about working in health care

Summer STEM Opportunities at the TEP
The OR Comes to the TEP (click here for ABC  Newstory
     Imhotep Charter High Schoolpartnered with Albert EinsteinHealthcare Network and National Coalition of 100 Black Women of Philadelphia for an Operating Room Simulation Lab and panel discussion. Students  gained
understanding, knowledge, and experience in blood loss. Students  also learned aboutthe career opportunities associated with the Operating Room, and gained hands-on experience with healthcare providers running a simulated operating room. The operating room  simulation was staged in the Imhotep College and Career Center.
Participants learned and demonstrated OR procedures under the direction of some of
the region's top professionals who work at Einstein under the Jefferson Health Care

    The morning will began with registration and breakfast from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM.
Followed by our morning libation, icebreakers and welcome until 10:30 am. The
presentation of “Blood loss in trauma and gunshot wounds” and a panel discussion on
the importance of representation of African Americans in the Operating Room will be,
presented by Albert Einstein Healthcare representatives, will take place from 10:45 am
to 12:00 pm. Various healthcare professionals will explain their roles and responsibility
and students will have an opportunity to ask questions. The day concluded with the
OR simulated lab and presentation  Students actively tried to save the lives of patients.

    This year Imhotep was selected by Einstein to have the meaning of Juneteenth and
posters that are displayed in three of the Jefferson Healthcare Network hospitals of
Imhotep students. Juneteenth tee shirts is an annual fundraiser that raises money for
educational institutions in the Einstein community. This year Imhotep Institute Charter
High School was selected as the recipient. The proceeds of the sales were
announced by officials of Einstein at the end of the OR Simulated Lab. Over $6,000 will be donated to Imhotep to continue to grow there STEM classrooms.

    Through the support of the The National Coalition of 100 Black Women,
Inc.Pennsylvania Chapter, as a recipient of the 2021-2022 PECO Corporate Giving
Grant, a 3-D printer will be presented. In the upcoming school year, students will have
the opportunity to build tourniquets using a 3D printer. The goal is to send the
tourniquets to Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has already cost too many lives that could
have been saved. A tourniquet is a simple first-aid device, used to stop traumatic blood
loss. It is the quickest way to prevent a person from bleeding out. According to the school's STEM Director, Shirley Posey, “Exposure and experience is the great equalizer, when we allow students to see themselves in certain spaces we can open the floodgate for diversity”
     Imhotep Institute Charter High School is a not-for-profit African Centered STEM Public
Charter School, established in 1998. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the event and
partnerships are part of the renewed commitment to the vision of the institution, whose
mission focuses on African Centered STEM Pedagogy. African Centered STEM (ACS) is
a culturally responsive, inquiry based, experiential approach to teaching and learning,
which roots the exploration and application of Science, Technology Engineering, and
Math in the history, culture, and value system of African people. ACS attempts to
improve the conditions and promote the sustainability of African and diasporan
communities locally and globally.

     Using African Centered Pedagogy and project-based learning models, Imhotep will continue to 
engage its scholars in seeking real world solutions to problems as agents of change and
vehicles for transformation worldwide while exposing scholars to career and
entrepreneurial exploration in the STEM fields in which African Americans and Latinos
represent less than 8% of STEM professionals. Imhotep welcomes partnerships and
donations. For more information on how you can support our STEM programs., contact
Shirley Posey, Director of STEM. [email protected]