What is it?
It is a reusable chipped card used by students to board a SEPTA trolley, bus, or subway. Unlike the disposable weekly Transpass, students will be able to use the SEPTA Student Fare Card for the entire school year.

If a SEPTA Student Fare Card is lost, stolen, or damaged the student will reach out to their school to request a replacement.

How will my student get one?
On the first day of school, all forms of transportation on SEPTA including buses, trains and subways will be free to students so they can get to school safely on their first day Tuesday August 31.

Once at school, the new Fare Cards will be distributed to students in the same manner they received their transpasses.

How do I know if any of my students are eligible for a Transpass?

The Department of Transportation Services Scheduling Department determines student eligibility for Transpasses based on specific criteria. Information on eligibility can be found HERE.

SEPTA Student Fare Card Informational Pamphlet

The Department of Transportation Services has created a pamphlet to share with students, parents, or administrators who have questions about the SEPTA Student Fare Card:


SEPTA Student Fare Card Guidelines

SEPTA Student Fare Cards will be valid for travel to and from school with a limit of no more than 8 taps per day, during the hours of 5:30am and 8:00pm.

A “Tap” is how you gain access to the SEPTA system and how a SEPTA Student Fare Card transaction is recorded.

Students are reminded that a SEPTA Student Fare Card is only valid for travel by the eligible Student and cannot be shared. There is no cost to the Student or Parent/Guardian for this card, as SEPTA transportation is provided through the School District. It is important that students notify their School Administrator in the event their SEPTA Student Fare Card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

If the student elects to use SEPTA Regional Rail services, they can upgrade their SEPTA Student Fare Card to include Regional Rail service at an additional cost.

The estimated cost for this upgrade is about $10.00 per week for a 5-day school week; that cost will be less when the student is traveling fewer days based on their academic calendar.

To receive the Regional Rail fare upgrade, the Student must physically present their SEPTA Student Fare Card at one of the SEPTA Sales Offices locations noted below – this cannot be done by the School Administrator. Upgrades are available between the Wednesday of the prior week through Tuesday of the current week and the student must purchase an upgrade on a weekly basis.