Hotep Family!

What a year 2020 has been! While it has challenged us in just about every way imaginable, it has also brought us closer together as a family. It has challenged us to think deeper about what it is to be a community as we found ourselves immersed in each other’s homes through Zoom and virtual learning. We were challenged to reimagine what school and learning can be in this new world.

And it has challenged to us rely not on our own understanding but pushed us to think more deeply on the wisdom of our ancestors and elders to guide us in this unprecedented time. And now as we move into 2021, let us make certain to hold onto the wisdom we have gained, cherish the enhanced relationships we have forged, and be more confident in our resiliency in light of the year that we have made it through.


A New Plan for Reopening

In July, we decided to do all remote learning for the remainder of 2020 with the hope of being able to open on January 4, 2021. Unfortunately, due to the present surge in COVID-19, we are continuing our virtual school at least until February. We will continue to provide virtual learning until there is a significant decrease in community spread and the positivity rate. Please find below our Instructional Model Guide that provides guidance for our consideration on returning to the building safely.


Imhotep Institute Charter High School’s COVID Instructional Model Guide



Level of Community Transition in the City of Philadelphia



***Sustained for 2 consecutive weeks***

Incidence Rate per 100,000 Residents (Most recent 7 days)



***Sustained for 2 consecutive weeks***






PCR Percent Positivity (Most recent 7 days)




***Sustained for 2 consecutive weeks***





Recommended Instructional Model for Imhotep Institute Charter High School


< 50


< 3.0%



< 50


< 3.5%



< 75


< 5.0%





75 to <100




5.0% to < 10%

Virtual (building open for

administrative purposes only)






(building closed for all activity)

**Recommendations are based on the current data provided by the State Dept. of Health and Pennsylvania Department Education. Recommendations are subject to change as new information becomes available including information and guidance related to the implication of the COVID vaccine. **



As we approach February, we will use the existing data as reported by the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Departments of Health to guide us. The following link represents the data that has been reported on the level of spread and percent positivity since November 1, 2020. This information is also posted on our website in the COVID 19 section to allow you to have the most current information. COVID 19 Data Tracking


Thank you for continue support and love of our Institution and we appreciate and wish every member of our family at happy and healthy New Year.


Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at (267) 300-6267 or visit our website at www.imhotephighschool.com.


Asante Sana,

Baba Ron Harvey

Chief of Staff