9th Grade Rites of Seperation Family Event

9th Grade Rites of Seperation Family Event
11/9/2022, 5:00 PM 7:00 PM
Imhotep Charter High School

Rite of Passages are crucial to the social/emotional development of our children. It encompasses culturally rooted educational and gender specific activities designed to usher the transition of our children through their adolescent years to adulthood.

Our Rite of Separation Ceremony is the first of several rites of passage rituals that we will be conducting while your child attends Imhotep Charter School. During the ceremony young people will let you know three things that they will let go of, and three things that they will bring as they continue their transition to become mature high school students.

Our students will also symbolically enter the next stage of their life by walking through a door frame, which is a reference to the “Door of No Return” that Africans passed through as they were hoarded onto ships never to see their homeland again. For our students, it is the “Door of No Return” to the behaviors that defined their middle school years, and a mark to focus and look toward a more responsible and mature future.

It is essential that families witness this transformative event. Family presence will leave an indelible mark on your children. If it is absolutely not possible for you to attend, please arrange for a responsible elder family member to stand on your behalf. Again, your presence is invaluable, and will leave a lasting impression on your child and his/her development.

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