We are coming off of an exciting year for the STEM initiative at Imhotep! Both in and out of the classroom, our intellectual warriors demonstrated their intelligence and creativity as they embraced the new programs. 9th grade STEM class was a tremendous success, as students completed projects in the fields of environmental engineering (designing water filters), civil engineer (building and testing various designs for truss bridges), agricultural engineering (investigating how to increase crop yields), and finishing out the year with computer programming in both the Python and Javascript languages. The class was complemented by the introduction of the first round of brand new Chromebooks that are being rolled out across our school.  Presently, we have a 1:1 Chromebook program for students in grades 9 and 10 and we are looking forward to expanding 1:1 access to students in grades 11 and 12.

Outside the classroom, IICHS STEM students made us all proud as they took home both 2nd and 3rd place at the MESA regional competition. Students worked to design prosthetic robotic arms and then completed a variety of dexterity tasks. We are proud to report that in their first year, our students only missed out on first place to a team that had been working on their own designs for the last four years! Other students took part in the MESA program by learning to code and designing their own video games.

We are very excited to continue expanding our STEM course offerings this year as our initiative moves forward. In addition to 9th grade STEM class, we currently offer both Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Design and Engineering for students in our 10th grade STEM class. In addition, we have also added a STEM elective entitled, Social Justice Thinking for Emerging Millennials which focuses on social activism.  We remain firmly committed to providing all students at Imhotep with the opportunities to grow and shine in STEM fields.



EGG DROP Experiment