Peace Family,

What happens when you believe in yourself beyond what others think is possible?

The answer is, --The impossible becomes the possible---You make the extraordinary, ordinary-- and Your dreams become reality.

Our role, as your extended family here at Imhotep, is to affirm your child’s belief in themselves.  The belief of greatness and hope, that you as parents/guardians, instill in them each and everyday.

Furthermore, as your extended family in the classroom, our continued responsibility is to develop that belief within each child through rigorous instruction and a deep grounding in African-Centered pride and culture.

Your role as parents/guardians is to remind your child what believing in yourself looks like. To remind them that, asking for help to better understand a lesson is believing in yourself. To place yourself in a position of growth in learning is believing in yourself. To spend the required time, early in the mornings, late at night or over the weekend, to ensure they are always prepared for class, quizzes and test is believing in yourself.

What you as parents/guardians and we as your school family are really doing is ensuring no matter the obstacle, whether it be academic, social or economic, there is a way for your child to believe in themselves and conquer the many barriers and challenges they will meet in life.

Twenty years ago, the dream of Imhotep Institute Charter School became a reality when Mama Chris, our founder, and some very extraordinary women believed in themselves beyond what others thought was possible and as a result, the impossible became possible.  

Our belief in ourselves is they key to victory!


John Polk

Managing Director