Hotep family,

What an honor it is to have the opportunity to begin a new year as the Executive Manager of Imhotep Institute Charter High School.  The partnership between Imhotep and Sankofa Freedom Academy continues to have amazing potential and power to elevate both institutions to new horizons and accomplishments.  Last year, Imhotep began its Whmy Msw or rebirth!  We were reborn into a deeper level of self- reflection, self-love, and kujichagulia (self-determination).  We launched our new STEM program and managed to birth a STEM team that competed and took second place in a city wide engineering competition. This year we will have twice as many students who will use technology in each of their classrooms, with half of our students having a STEM class and elective as the core of their course of study.   Last year we took measures to reclaim our Africanity by re-embracing our insistence on respect for self, for one another, for elders and for the norms and values of our institution.  This year we will nurture our power to establish and maintain a Maatic atmosphere of civility, family, order, balance, and harmony.   Last year we begin the work of re-establishing an atmosphere of academic rigor and an ethos of hard work.  The increase of our proficiency levels in the Keystone Exam show that we are making excellent progress.  This year we will turn up the volume and insist on higher standards for academic writing, intellectual discourse, mathematical reasoning, scientific inquiry, and social activism.
Yes, 2015-2016 was our Whmy Msw.  Now, as we begin school year 2016-2017, we do so understanding that every birth must be followed by an intensive period of nurture.  Therefore, 2016-2017 will be the year that we nurture the power that we have to grow ourselves into the institution that our founder, Christine Wiggins intended us to be.  This is the year of Amandla (Power).  This year we will nurture the “power within” our administration, parents, community partners, students, and staff to do great things.
We believe by nurturing parent power we will witness an already active parent presence in the school contributing to this institution in even more profound and amazing ways.  We plan to nurture our parent power through continued transparency, increased opportunities for parental involvement, and strengthening our systems of communication.

We are committed to nurturing the power of our staff to challenge our students intellectually, to model Heshima (respect) toward them and Imani (faith) in them.  We are committed to nurturing the power of our students to solve conflict in ways that affirm that they believe that Black Lives Matter and that we really are family.  We are determined to nurture the power of our students to think critically and apply their best 21st century STEM thinking to solve problems in their community.  We are determined to nurture our institution and grow it in ways that will insure that it is strong financially, organizationally, and academically as we head for our renewal year in 2018.

Yes, this is an ambitious transformation agenda, designed to grow us into the African excellence we seek.  However, we are IMHOTEP!  We were made for challenges!  We are strong!  We are determined!  We are powerful.  Let’s seize this year as our opportunity to nurture our power and take our school to the next level of excellence.  We must! We can! We will!  For we believe like our South African brothers and sisters who dismantled the system of apartheid – Amandla Ngawethu -  the POWER to do this is OURS!  Family, get ready for a fabulous Imhotepian year!

Striving in Love for African Excellence,  

Dr. Mama Ayesha

Dr. Ayesha Imani, Executive Manager