To My Beloved Imhotep Family:

In 1866, Richard Wright, a young man only one year out of slavery was asked what message former enslaved Africans from the South wanted General Oliver Otis Howard to give to the people of the North.  Wright with faith, pride and confidence responded, “Tell them we are rising!” Richard Wright loved and believed in his people and their determination to take their rightful place in society. Imhotep has been rising for the last 20 years, since its actualization from the kitchen table dream of a proud committed, woman, Christine Thomas Wiggins.  Like Richard Wright, Mama Chris loved and believed in her people and was determined to make sure that there would be a place for the next generation. She understood, that our ancestors were the first mathematicians, scientists, and developers of technology and that we must reclaim our greatness so that we can uplift our communities and insure a brighter future for our youth.  In our 20th year we have inherited the dream of our founder and are devoting ourselves to using our genius and our value system to shine and show forth our brilliance.  

Certainly, through these two decades, we have had challenges.  In facing these challenges, however, we have proven ourselves to be fearless, strong, and resilient. We have demonstrated excellence  on the courts, the fields, and in mock trial competitions. We now look forward to establishing, beyond doubt, that we are in fact intellectual warriors, servant leaders in our community, and masters of the next generation of scientific and technological innovation.  

We have been granted an opportunity to continue to live into the dream of our founder.  We intend to use this opportunity to not only fulfill that dream but to dream new dreams of even greater transcendence and transformation.  So to all those who are watching, wondering and waiting for our next move. Tell them to look toward the heavens! In fact, in the words of our honored ancestor, Richard Wright—tell them we are rising! This is our time.  This is our decade. This is our year. We are taking flight and preparing to achieve new heights. Don’t just watch us….join us!!!!

Dr. Mama Ayesha

Dr. Ayesha Imani, Executive Manager