RTII Interventions (General)

Tier OneTier TwoTier Three*

Guided Reading (Holt)

Guided Math (Holt)
Study Island 
Imagine Math
Achieve 3000
Saturday School
Hero School Wide Behavior System
Maatic Development Behavior System
Pillars of Peace Mediation System
Pearson Common Core
Math Excel


Mandatory tutoring
Mandatory Saturday School
Daily report
Behavior Contract
LBS Social Skills Class
Wilson (DI)
Math Excel (enhanced monitoring)
Achieve 3000 (enhanced monitoring)
DI Corrective Reading
DI Corrective Math
Response to Hospitalization Treatment Plan
Interagency Plan
IEP/NOREP Revision
Implementation of Crisis Plan
Counselor with coordination from external agency
Wilson (DI)
Math Excel (Special Ed Module)
Essential for Algebra

Child Find Policy and RTII Screening, Systems, Indicators, and Interventions

In order to identify children with disabilities and provide appropriate interventions for Imhotep Institute Charter High School, will initiate forms of assessments, which will when considered with other indicators suggest appropriate levels of tiered interventions and a screening process for recommendation for the issuance of a Permission to Evaluate.  Please note that a parent has the right to request an FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) or a Comprehensive Evaluation for Special Education any time before or during the Response to Intervention process.  Upon either written or verbal request to a member of the Imhotep professional staff, a parent will receive the Permission to Evaluate Form within 10 days.  An evaluation will be completed within 60 days of the return of the PTE form.

RTII Tier Indicators (Red Flags)

Tier 1Tier TwoTier Three *

Imagine Math (Basic, Below and within 100 points of FBB)
Achieve 3000- at or Below Basic
4 sight – basic and below basic

Study Island – B,BB, P

Multiple Discipline Write-ups   (5 +) in a 2 week review

Multiple test failures on a bi-monthly F report

Consecutive Below Basic performance in Keystone

Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT)

Green Scale Score

Range for 1 or more Diagnostic categories in one or more testing areas. 

DRA Level -20 pts or 300 LP below grade level

Key Math median descriptive category of well below level

Greater than 100Q below FBB on Imagine Math Assessment

SI - 3 successive benchmark BB results without growth across quartiles

CDT – Red Scale Score in 2 or more diagnostic categories in 2 or more testing areas.

Achieve 3000 -  100 Lexile Points below FBB

3 successive weekly reports without improvement

2 consecutive unsatisfactory behavior contract reviews

Multiple failures on a F report

Return from hospitalization

Persistent failure on teacher made test (50% or more) 

DRA Level  -  350 LP below grade level or 30 DRA points below grade level

Achieve 3000 – 150 Lexile Points below FBB

Key Math – Median descriptive of well below basic

Recommendation from FBA/PBP review

Recommendation from response to hospitalization

Recommendation based on lack of progress with response to tier two intervention

Multiple (3 or more) suspensions in a report period. quarter (FBA referral)

CDT – Red Scale in 3 or more categories in all 3 testing areas. 

*Tier III recommendation can be made based on multiple Tier II indicators
Tier III recommendation can be made based on multiple Tier I indicatorsA recommendation for a PTE should include Tier 3 and/or response to RTII tier two interventions