Hotep Students, Parents and Caregivers!

This year we are excited as we continue our journey in striving to meet the goals outlined in our school’s mission because we are Imhotep! Last year was our whymy msu (rebirth) so naturally this year we are going to cultivate our collective resources to nurture our students, staff, parents, and other members of our school’s community. Our theme is “Nurturing the Power Within” and we will identify how to use our collective power to nurture and support one another and impact the lives of our students on a daily basis.

Last year, the kujichagalia (self-determination) and ujima (collective work & responsibility) of our dedicated staff, students, and parents allowed us to:

●        Make academic gains on the Keystone exams for Literature, Algebra, and Biology!
●        Defray the cost of college for graduating seniors through the A’s for J’s Program gap scholarship!
●        Become recipients of a three-year grant from the Philadelphia School Partnership!
●        Provide free workshops to the community through our Communiversity Program!
●        Win 2nd and 3rd place in the citywide MESA Competition for creating a robotic prosthetic arm!
●        Acquire 360 new Chrome Books to support a 1:1 technology program for 9th and 10th grade

●        Develop curriculum aligned to the PA Common Core Standards!

●        Host two successful blood drives through the Red Cross!

●        Complete the first of a 3-year charter renewal & partnership with Sankofa Freedom Academy                   Charter School!
●        Become the first public school varsity football team to win the PIAA AAA State Championship!

“Amandla Ngawhewtu” means” the power is ours” and we know that we have the power to achieve even greater successes this school year!

In the spirit of Umoja (unity),

Sister Jury                                                 Sister Carla

Jury Segers, Principal/CAO                                    Carla Pitt, Associate Principal