We are excited to host our Virtual Wazuri Parent Association's Back-to-School Night!  This virtual event will begin with a 5:30 pm pre-meeting for families interested in learning more about our Wazuri Parent Association.  At 6:00 pm, we will officially open the meeting with libation before introducing our families to our administrative team.  Families will receive school related updates and learn about the resources available to support the holistic needs of our students.  At 6:30 pm, we will dismiss families from our General Session and direct them to the respective links to meet the wonderful educators who will be supporting their scholars this school year.  As a reminder, this is an opportunity to provide general overviews and not to discuss the status of individual students.



Zoom Log-in Credentials

5:30 pm


Meeting ID: 948 4943 6424

6:00 pm 


Welcome Address

School Updates (attendance, handbook, village parents, lunch program, PHLConnectED, student support services)

6:30 pm 

Breakout Sessions w/ each Grade Team

9th Grade

Kemet IX

Grade Team Leaders

Sister Kimberly Grandy

Mama Danielle Wright 

Climate Leader:

Brother Greg Rivers

Meeting ID: 922 8503 5672

10th Grade

Zulu VI

Grade Team Leader

Sister Madison Fialkowski

Climate Leader

Brother Dwayne Jones

Meeting ID: 969 4669 6161

11th Grade

Songhai VI

Grade Team Leader

Baba Alberto Romero 

Climate Leader

Brother Kevin Norris; Meeting ID: 953 4656 5080

12th Grade

Nubia VI

Grade Team Leader

Sister Michelle Wilson 

Climate Leader

Sister Noel Toney; Meeting ID: 982 4207 4759